Jamie Martinez (b. Ibagué, Colombia) is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the intersection of history, research, indigenous spirituality, and ancient beliefs. His art includes paintings, sculptures, and installations that serve as a commentary on colonialism, mysticism, labor, and ceremonial gatherings.

Martinez’s work has been featured in major outlets such as Hyperallergic, CNN, New York Magazine, The Observer, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Yale University radio WYBCX, NTN24 (TV interview), Good Day New York (TV interview), Fox News (TV interview), Whitehot Magazine, Whitewall Magazine, and more. He has exhibited at the Queens Museum, Petzel Gallery, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery at the New School, 601 Artspace, Penn State University, Spring Break Art Show, Collar Works, Galerie Richard, Whitebox NY, The Gabarron Foundation, Flowers Gallery and all over the world. His artwork is included in the permanent collections of The Marina Tsvetaeva Museum in Moscow, Russia, The Acuity Brands Corporate private collection in NYC, The Gabarron’s Foundation collection in New York and Spain, Foursquare headquarters in NYC,  and various additional private collections.


The artwork originates from visions revealed during meditation, as I serve as the conduit, merely translating these visions into physical form with minimal influence. Through my artistic endeavors, I strive to disrupt the prevailing colonial paradigm in which we exist. I intend to ignite contemplation regarding the eroded indigenous beliefs, investigate the potential of art as a shield for the journey beyond life, and orchestrate meaningful rituals and communal assemblies that underscore the significance of cultural interchange in society, encompassing labor.