Jamie Martinez, Mercado, 2022 / 2023, imitation avocados and bananas, real cacao beans inside, corn, ready-made plate, ready-made knife covered with non-fired terracotta clay on jute pillows and used Colombian coffee sacks, installation view, Spring Break Art Show 2022, 65 L x 65 W x 14 H inches.

This installation “Mercado” serves as a commentary on the ongoing exploitation of land and labor in Central and South America by large corporations, solely driven by their pursuit of profit and wealth. The installation aims to highlight how these companies exploit the land by overproducing goods for export, while grossly underpaying the workers who are responsible for cultivating these products. This way, the companies can channel more money towards their top executives, ignoring the plight of the laborers who work in deplorable conditions for meager wages.

Here, the true essence and artwork of my installation lies in the interweaving connections between individuals and cultures, where the convergence of these diverse threads sets in motion a magnificent butterfly effect. It is through these encounters that new friendships blossom, forever altering the physical landscape of our world. Instead of merely observing the artwork with critical eyes, we are invited to embrace the profound impact of human connections and the transformative power they possess.

Installation view of “Mercado” at Collar Works fo the group show “Eat Me” Curated by Natalie Kates from Kates-Ferri Projects

Jamie Martinez, Mercado, 2022, imitation avocados, bananas, corn, covered with non-fired terracotta clay on used Colombian coffee sacks,              48″ L x 25″ W x 13″H